Thursday, November 17, 2005

Democrats say: We Want Saddam Back!

In their repudiation of their Iraq war votes, Democrats seem to forget what the logical conclusion is of their desire to travel back in time:

1) The proximate cause of going to war was Saddam's refusal to tell the United Nation's what had become of Iraq's known weapons of mass destruction.

2) If the Coalition Forces had never invaded and had not removed the Hussein regime, we would still not know what happend to the WMD programs identified by the UN.

3) Therefore, when Democrats say that they were wrong to authorize force against Saddam, they are saying they wish to return to a time when Saddam and his sons were still in power AND we did not know whether or not he still had the WMD programs identified by the UN.

The Democrats are selling a claim that it is possible to imagine travelling back in time and create a world were Saddam is well-contained AND we know for a fact he has no WMD. However, the two are mutually exclusive.