Thursday, January 22, 2004

NH Independents for Bush...For Dean

If I were a New Hampshire independent who supported George Bush, I would take a Democrat primary ballot and vote for Howard Dean.

Monday, January 19, 2004

Iowa Causcuses Winners and Losers


- Democrat party: avoids certain defeat with Dean
- Kerry: Instant frontrunner
- Edwards: From VP candidate to candidate for President
- Des Moines Register: Endorsed Edwards


- Internet: So much for Internet candidates
- Republicans: Bush sure winner vs. Dean
- Wes Clark: Could have beat Dean in NH, won't beat Kerry
- Gore, Harkin, Bradley, Mosley-Braun etc.: Picked the wrong horse
- Bush-haters: Hate is not a family value
- Dean: Ouch
- Gephardt: Double ouch and goodbye...
- Unions: See Dean and Gephardt

Friday, January 16, 2004

Dean - Now Totally Unelectable

The Boston Herald joins other news outlets in covering the revelation that Howard Dean suffered panic attacks in the past and suffered one when faced with the prospect of becoming Governor of Vermont.

I ask any Democrat to lay out for me a scenario in which a man with such a psychological background wins a national election at a time of crisis when possession of a steely nerve is demanded by the electorarte as an absolute requirement.

...and as Dr. Dean's receptionist might say, "Next!"

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Kennedy Screws Kerry:

It is less than a week to the Iowa caucuses and Senator John Kerry is running for his life. So, what does his good friend Senator Ted Kennedy do? He blasts President Bush on the Iraq War in a major speech - a war voted for by John Kerry.

How can Kerry hope to maintain momentum in Iowa when the Senior Senator from the Commonwealth keeps putting one of "the worst blunders in more than two centuries of American foreign policy" on the front page?

Hey, what are friends for? Ouch.
Lies Ted Turner Told Me:

My fingers weary at that thought of writing about CNN's liberal slant, but again it must be done. Located in their political ads archive CNN links to an advertisment described thusly:

"George Bush used this well-known ad to depict Dukakis as soft on crime. Bush asserted that when Dukakis was governor of Massachussetts, convicted criminal Willie Horton was paroled and went on to commit more crimes. Do we want the same for the entire country?"

This must be the famed "Revolving Prisoner Door" ad, no? Of course not.

Instead, CNN shows the racially provocative "Willie Horton" spot that was NOT one of George Bush's advertisements.

Let's be honest, would anyone at CNN ever say that the NAACP ad against George W. was "an Al Gore" advertisment? So, then, why is it okay for CNN to say a third party ad is George H.W. Bush's?

CNN...lies, lies, lies.....