Thursday, October 20, 2005

Will Russert Get the Miller-Treatment?

Given that Tim Russert, Washington Bureau Chief for NBC News, has provided testimony to Patrick Fitzgerald in the Plame case -- when might we expect the demands for Russert "to tell us everything he knows" to reach Miller-like proportions?

Will Jay Rosen, Steve Lovelady, and Howie Kurtz ever demand of Timmy-boy what they demanded of Judy Miller?.... I doubt it.

Seems like the old boy network is alive and well.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Libby, Miller, Aspens and Israel

Scooter Libby wrote to Judith Miller:

“You went into jail in the summer. It is fall now. You will have stories to cover—Iraqi elections and suicide bombers, biological threats and the Iranian nuclear program. Out West, where you vacation, the aspens will already be turning. They turn in clusters, because their roots connect them. Come back to work—-and life. Until then, you will remain in my thoughts and prayers.”

What is it about Aspens, Libby, and Miller? Well, this is what the Wikipedia says, "The aspen tree's quivering leaves are, in Christian lore, said to be the result of arrogance at the Crucifixion because the aspen did not tremble like other trees. A German version claims that the aspen was the only tree to refuse to acknowledge Jesus' divinity. The cross that Christ was crucified on is sometimes said to have been aspen wood. As aspens do not occur in Israel, this legend is improbable. It is also sometimes said that aspen leaves are made from female tongues, and their quivering is due to women's inability to stop talking."

Jewish trees?

What binds Miller and Libby is their love of Israel. Libby is telling Miller that what "connects them" together is their common wish for a successful Jewish homeland.