Friday, April 23, 2004

Terrorists Walk Proud in London

Is Britain a pathetic nation or what? Terrorists flaunt their hatred of Britain, wish for death to thousands and no likely reaction. In America, perhaps these fellows and their friends might get a little visit from some drunk teamsters who might - accidently, of course - take their eyes out.

"As far as I'm concerned, when they bomb London, the bigger the better," says Abdul Haq, the social worker. "I know it's going to happen because Sheikh bin Laden said so. Like Bali, like Turkey, like Madrid - I pray for it, I look forward to the day."

"Pass the brown sauce, brother," says Abu Malaahim, the IT specialist, devouring his chicken and chips.

"I agree with you, brother," says Abu Yusuf, the earnest-looking financial adviser sitting opposite. "I would like to see the Mujahideen coming into London and killing thousands, whether with nuclear weapons or germ warfare. And if they need a safehouse, they can stay in mine - and if they need some fertiliser [for a bomb], I'll tell them where to get it."
New Church Doctrine: Tell the City to "Screw"

The Boston City Council wants the city to have first rights to buy church property.

As the Pope would say, "Screw".

Thursday, April 22, 2004


I like my waffles very brown, very crispy...not running for President. Or being Google Bombed.
Brigham's and Hacks

Some interesting doings at Hub Blog:

Jay takes note of a Herald article by Greg Gatlin that reports the sale of Brigham's to a local investment firm. I agree with Jay that there is a real opportunity here for the investors if they handle the marketing of this asset correctly.

If Brigham's can speak to the inner-child of those who remember the way Brigham's used to be, then they have a chance. I'm talking about no nonsense hot fudge sundaes as the core to its entire ice cream line - the kind served in a pewter sundae dish with the world's best hot fudge dripping down the sides (and, of course, whipped cream and a cherry). If you can get parents seeing Brigham's that way, you'll get them to drag the next generation in too. Of course, you can have all the foolish ice cream stuff available for the kids, but the primary "feel" of the chain should be the simple hot fudge sundae.

When I go to get ice cream I don't want to have to think if "Rain Forest Berry-Nut" is PC this week or not PC. I want to think of the feelings I had when my mom brought me there when I was nine years old - good, safe, happy feelings that I want to share with my own children as they grow.

As for Jay's other entry about Mitt and the Hacks, I have no problem at all with a newly merged and expanded state agency having a COO and a CFO along with an external affairs person and good legal counsel. If an agency is important enough to create and important enough to fund with taxpayer money, then it is important enough to be staffed with professional managers in positions that can really manage.

Without these professional managers, the REAL hacks (legislative friends and family) that have been there for 15, 20, 30 years will run the place in the same old way it always had been.

I say "good luck" to Mitt in his attempt to REALLY change the agency.

Friday, April 02, 2004


CNN Breaking News reports:

Citing inconsistencies in her account, police say they believe there is no suspect at large in reported kidnapping of Wisconsin college student.
The Charade Begins to Unravel

Finally some journalists are waking up to the kidnapping hoax involving Audrey Seiler. The Journal Sentinel asks these questions:

Why did Seiler wait in the lobby of her apartment, then look outside before leaving around 2:30 a.m. Saturday?

Why did she leave her apartment door open and not take any personal items with her?

Where was she for the four days she was missing?

Was she driven away in a car, or did she stay in the marsh, within two miles of her apartment, the entire time she was missing?

What were the circumstances of her first meeting with authorities in the marsh?

Why aren't police saying more?

Come on, Audrey, let's have some answers.

Thursday, April 01, 2004

Follow the Money: British Bettors Back Bush

British bookie site William Hill has George Bush the favorite at European odds of 1.53, Kerry at 2.37 and Nader at 101. A bet of 100 units on Bush would get you in return 153 with a Bush victory. Another Brit site has the same spread.

In American betting parlance, this would mean Bush odds at -188 and Kerry at +138, that is if you place a bet at -188, it means that you need to bet $188 to win $100 and a bet at +138 means that you win $138 for every $100 you bet.
Wisconsin Kidnap Hoax?

Audrey Seiler has been found alive. How do I know? Well, CNN, MSNBC, FOXNEWS, and every other TV channel has told me she was found alive four days after being kidnapped.

Of course, I knew she was alive all along because I don't believe she was ever kidnapped and I don't believe she was assualted (as she claimed) in February either. This abduction is a HOAX and it is pathetic to see the news channels treat it as a straight story.

If I am proved wrong, I will happily apologize to Audrey in this space.