Thursday, May 29, 2003

One of the All-Time Great Sport Photos:

Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Liberal Bias Confirmed at LA Times:

Memo from Editor of LA Times:

"...The apparent bias of the writer and/or the desk reveals itself in the third paragraph, which characterizes such bills in Texas and elsewhere as requiring "so-called counseling of patients." I don't think people on the anti-abortion side would consider it "so-called," a phrase that is loaded with derision.

The story makes a strong case that the link between abortion and breast cancer is widely discounted among researchers, but I wondered as I read it whether somewhere there might exist some credible scientist who believes in it.

Such a person makes no appearance in the story's lengthy passage about the scientific issue. We do quote one of the sponsors of the bill, noting that he "has a professional background in property management." Seldom will you read a cheaper shot than this. Why, if this is germane, wouldn't we point to legislators on the other side who are similarly bereft of scientific credentials? "
A Polish Socialist Defends America:

"Many of us participated in the anti-American protests of 1968, which is why we were horrified and guilt-stricken at the image of so many Vietnamese escaping the regime after the communist victory in tiny boats, risking their own lives and those of their families. We also remember the Manichaeism of the supporters of the Viet Cong who burned the American flag but later failed to denounce the regime. We want to avoid this. Today we are not burning the Iraqi flag; we just do not understand those protesting under Saddam Hussein’s portraits."

Thursday, May 15, 2003

NYTimes Kills Dissent at the Boston Globe:

Hub Blog picks up a Boston Herald piece about the spiking of a Globe column that takes the NYTimes leadership to task...why am I not surprised.

Monday, May 12, 2003

Great Answer to an American-Hater:

"These are the arguments of idiots or scoundrels. The last thing America wants is to be alone in the world trying to uphold the values of liberal democracy. The problem is that it does find itself alone, forced into unilateralism by Dame Margaret's UN, which would not enforce any of its 17 resolutions on Iraq. But for her and her ilk, everything comes back to the fault of the US.

Castro's executions get a frown from her, but "as far as Cuba's Castro is concerned, his stay in power has been very much facilitated by certain policies... from outside". The last refuge of the totally blinkered Left-liberal is, when faced with the undeniable evidence of a monstrous regime, to say it is all the fault of America."

Friday, May 09, 2003

Bush Never Went AWOL

Important bit of journo/blogging here about the non-story of Bush being AWOL in the Guard.

Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Lots to Disagree Over:

Be sure to check out Jay at HubBlog today.

It is rare for him to take loss of his senses so often as his insight is usually dead-on, but this day he has faltered on more than one issue:

Quote #1 from Jay:
"Sadly, Bob Ryan deserves what he got."

I disagree. After 33 years of loyal service to the Boston Globe, Bob Ryan deserved the opportunity to apologize and move on. If loyalty is not a two-way street, what is its worth? Bob Ryan deserves plenty of criticism for his stupid remark, but the Boston Globe should stand-by its loyal employee as he makes his contrition - rather than leading his inquisition.

Quote #2 from Jay:
"Yes, legally and technically, the health board acted within its legal authority [to ban smoking in pubs]. But, yes, the system was rigged, as we all know it, to skirt democratic debate and votes by elected officials."

I would suggest that in a democracy, "legally and technically" is all that matters. Further, I believe that the state legislature, in adopting the powers for local boards of health, specifically wished to insulate those boards from the pressures of local governments.

Quote #3 from Jay:
"Tip's Tunnel -- at last: I'm glad they're renaming it after Tip."

Ugh. Can Boston be more insular and small minded? When will we FINALLY stop naming things after Tip, Moakely, and Rose Kennedy?

Oh yes, the wonderfully named "Leonard Zakim - Bunker Hill Blah Blah Blah Memorial Bridge"....."well, you see little Johnny, instead of making a real statment with the naming of the our 'signature' bridge, it broke out into a political squabble between petty pols resulting in a pathetically named, jumble mouthed monstrosity of a instead of being a symbol of what is great about Boston, it is a showcase of how awful Boston politics really is...isn't that nice little Johnny?...San Francisco has the Golden Gate Bridge and we have a bridge named after our inability to name a bridge"

And what might we say to little Johnny about the Tip O'Neil Tunnel, "...well, little guy, when Tip died everyone loved him because he brought home the bacon to the district, like getting the Feds to approve money for the Big Dig, but at that time nobody knew that Tip was getting the Feds to sign on to a financial boondoggle of which they would only pay a fixed amount. You see, Johnny, Tip got the boondoggle started and now the state is stuck with the entire cost of the billions in over-runs. Actually, that is not true. The state moved the boondoggle to an "authority" now they are stuck with the cost overuns and they force people who drive East-West on the Pike in the suburbs to pay for improvement on a North-South corridor in the city...isn't Tip great? So instead of naming a tunnel after something we should be proud of, we've chosen to name it after the person who got the whole debacle started....sweet, eh?"

Fear not everyone, I'm sure Jay will return to his senses shortly, perhaps after a visit to a (now) clear-aired tavern.

Tuesday, May 06, 2003

Bennett Gambling Losses Top $8,000 Annually!

What is all the fuss?

If Bill Bennett cycles through $8 million over a decade on video poker machines that average returns of 99%, Bennett only loses about eight grand a year. Who cares?

For him to have lost (as some allege) $1.4 million, he would have had to cycle through $140 million dollars! Even if you are betting $500 bucks a hand and each hand takes two minutes,Bennett would have to have been sitting in front of video poker machine for six hours a day, evey day, for over four years to lose $1.4 million at your average Nevada video poker machine! !

The Newsweek numbers just don't add up.

Monday, May 05, 2003

Hillary Knew:

According to Sidney Blumenthal's new book on Clinton, just one moment after being sworn in for the second time as President, Clinton's bible toting wife turned to him and said, "They're going to screw you on the Paula Jones case."

Either this is another Blumenthal lie, or the Clinton's are the most demented people on earth.